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Not everything is great about hosting your own website, though.

Use Your Mac's Built-In Web Server to Share a Website

The cost-savings initially is about the only upside, but even that falls short in the long run. Your website will be victim to slow connections, hurting it in Google search rankings and turning away potential visitors. While many inexpensive hosts deal in the one to two second range, a residential connection will probably deal in the second range. The process of putting your own website online is best used as an educational tool to understand how web hosting works.

Use Your Mac to Share a Web Site

If cost is a concern, check out our list of the best cheap web hosting where we break down providers that give excellent service at decent rates. However, hosting your own website is certainly an option for staging or if you plan on running a small WordPress blog. Hosting your own website is about as much fun as a geek like myself can have. How did your home hosting experience go? Let us know in the comments below and, as always, thanks for reading. Table of Contents. Visit iPage. Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

El Capitan Server Part 25: Websites

Your email address will not be published. MEGA vs Tresorit: Who Trumps Who in ? DreamHost vs Bluehost: Finding the Best Web Host in SpiderOak vs Dropbox: Which Is the Best for You in ? Free Cloud Storage in Best of The Big Three: Dropbox vs Google Drive vs Onedrive. How to Unblock YouTube: Video Streaming for Everyone. Close the System Preferences. You've successfully turned on your Mac's web server.

Create Your Website Obviously, you'll need a website to truly use your Mac as a web server. Here's how: You have a couple choices when it comes to hosting your website. Every user with an account on your Mac can host his or her own website.


There's also a parent directory for the web server -- you'll probably want to use this directory. We'll be working with this parent directory for the duration of this tutorial. Save your files into one of the following directories: Parent Directory: Test out your website. Depending on which directory you used, you'll need to modify and use one of the following URLs to see your website: Make Your Website Accessible to the World Now your Mac is hosting your website, but if you're on a local network, it's still inaccessible to the rest of the world.

Here's how to use DynDNS: Register for an account on the DynDNS website. It's free!

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Confirm your new DynDNS by clicking on the link they email you. Enter a hostname and select a domain for your website. This third-level domain name is how the world will access your website, so pick carefully! We'll worry about that later.

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Double-click the application and click Install to install it. You'll be prompted for your administrator password. When it's finished, click OK. Enter your username and password.

Adding a description is optional. That's it -- you're finished! Yourls is a self-hosted URL shortener. It provides stats as well. Pow lets you create a quick environment to build and test Rails apps.

Hosting on Linux

Moodle is a CMS for education. VirtualHostX lets you setup multiple websites quickly on a Mac. It comes with it's own self-contained Apache web server as well. Owncloud is a replacement for Dropbox, but also provides calendar, contacts and so much more. FileMaker is a powerful database server.

Very Powerful. Run it for yourself or as a paid service for others. A very good alternative to Exchange. Run a Minecraft Server of your own. ServerPilot makes it simple and fast to create and maintain Wordpress installs. Built for DigitalOcean, but works great on a Mac mini with Ubuntu.

BBpress is clean forum software from the makers of WordPress. Discourse is a platform to build a community. It's modern and free for self hosted. We use Discourse for our own community site.