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Before You Begin: Getting Audacity

Forums Quick Links. Members Quick Links. NI Community Forum. Please do not install macOS For more info, please go HERE! Messages: 6. Two parts to this - I basically need to rip some vinyl to digital format and after some advice rather than ripping everything for a second time. Unsure if. Cheers, and apologies if covered elsewhere, but never been able to find anything relevant in forums.

Also, if I should be ripping using something other than Traktor please let me know! Mac user btw. Messages: Hello Jon B. You don't have to use Traktor to burn records though I am sure many do. I simply use garage band to do that. Once you burn the record you can bounce it into your iTunes library. As for your question of burning a Wav it gives you the option of burning it as a lesser file if you desire. DigitalExtacy , Nov 9, You do not necessarily have to record your records with Traktor.

I do it myself with Audacity. Always use clean and good needles with a high output voltage. Adjust the weight and height of the tone arm correctly. Instead of using Slipmats always with the original, thick rubber mat. Treat the Vinyl antistatically to prevent unwanted cracking. Then it needs a good Phono Pre Amp, Mixer or stand alone which is connected via a sound card with your computer.

Select "New Track" from the same menu and choose "Real Instrument" in the dialog box before clicking "Create.

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Click the red circular record button in the application and play the record on the turntable. Drag the arrow atop the purple-colored recorded track back to the beginning of the track and click on the Play button or hit the spacebar to confirm the song has successfully been recording. Double-click on the track to bring up the editing options at the bottom. Drag the cursor across all parts of the track you don't want--like silent parts before and after the music--and press the Delete button to cut them. Set the correct input setting in the conversion application using the drop-down menus for each setting so it will record from your turntable.

This includes the input source which will usually be Line-In , the input device the Mac's built-in audio and the recording quality CD quality. Click on the application's main record button--which is usually a red circle--and play the record on the turntable. Click the square-shaped stop button to stop the recording when finished. Repeat the above step for the next song on the record.

If the program has an "auto define" option, you can record the whole vinyl record on one track and then click the Auto Define button to separate it into multiple song tracks. These songs will be saved as a single playlist. Open iTunes, select the correct playlist from the left menu and insert your blank CD. Sometimes I wash them in the sink before using Discwasher and have run a cotton ball soaked in alcohol on the spinning record along with applying the Audioquest carbon fiber brush prior to recording.

Sorry for all the questions. Audacity actually has a good section on preparing vinyl records that I recommend reading. Thanks Craig. Can you give the section to look in?

For reasons noted above, I really would not want to use Audacity for a project like this. I hope to get back to my project in a month or two and at that time want to compare the Vinyl Studio click removal to a product that some Vinyl Studio and Audacity users use; ClickRepair. I guess it depends on how passionate you want to be about removing them. This is basically a very long version of throwing your records away. If you want to throw your records away, please let me know where your trash can is. Remember all those dumb clucks to converted their vinyl to CDs back around the turn of the century?

This is basically the same big waste of time. Meanwhile, my vinyl collection not a big one has suddenly began impressing people and becoming a topic of conversation. Wow — this is great, thank you! Do you have suggestions for me? Thanks so much, Marya.

The Compleat Guide to Digitizing Your LP Collection

I definitely would not send those precious records to anyone in the mail. Best of luck! I purchased a Rega Fono Mini A2D phono pre-amp which has a rather crude output level dial which seems to be the mechanism for setting the recording level when running digital output from the pre-amp to the computer. My first test resulted in MP3 files which were markedly lower in volume than tracks ripped from CDs or downloaded from iTunes. Again, many, many thanks for the effort you put into this blog. Do NOT allow any clipping whatsoever into your recordings.

HI Scott — thanks for this article that I just stumbled upon. I was just about to start ripping my vinyl some urgent because I cannot find digital versions online, except for some dodgy YouTube rips and was just about to go with using Audio Hijack Pro and Fission, but I think Vinyl Studio just may be the way to go.

Digitize your cassettes and LPs | Macworld

Thanks for a great how-to. Hey Tommy — Glad you found the piece useful. Yeah, VinylStudio is amazing; really simplified the process.

It came with the AT 95E cartridge. I decided to buy a better cartridge so I changed the old cartridge with a Ortofon 2M Red. The output of the 2M is 5. It is possible that the new cartridge has a greater dynamic range, causing it to have the effect of creating a higher recording level. You may not obviously hear the clipping, but if you see the tops of any waveforms being cut off, you really should try to reduce the input or record level to compensate.

Should I lower the record level despite the instructions for the Digital Gain Button which say to set the digital gain to 1 and leave the slider alone. I would lower it. But I have no experience with USB turntables — yours may have had an original cartridge specially calibrated for its levels. If my computer is in the same room 20 feet away , what is the best way to hook up the receiver without loosing to much of the signal quality.

Format flustering

Your section on selecting VBR versus fixed bit rate conversion is not fully accurate. The truth about using VBR is simply to save bit space on the hard drive during quiet passages or for soft music. VBR does not provide the highest encoding quality; a high, fixed bit rate does. Why slip tracks anyway? Well, I suppose not everyone, but I always have.

If I have the LP, I have the artwork, and if not, even though some titles are not available digitally, I have never not found album art, at least a decent picture of anything, on line somewhere. Anyway, you have to really enjoy this process to do all this as believe me, it is long and painful otherwise! Thank you very much for this article. After years of playing records I really learned a lot! That was also useful, but did not cover the workflow of preparing and recording the record or tape itself. Ordered some hardware brush, cleaner and a spare Ortofon cartridge and software VinylStudio.

My recording device is an old MacBook with digital input. I record everything on an external hard drive that I take to my study.