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It has over a hundred effects, refined and organized into the ultimate standard and dynamic toolkit. PH The Weddings is a collection of 8 wedding Lightroom presets that makes your wedding photos pop out. These presets are a great help for wedding photographers to retouch the photos in single click. Fashion Vintage is a set of 10 Lightroom presets for portrait or wedding photographers.

Each one designed to produce a distinctive retro look to your photos. Vintage Wedding is a free Lightroom preset that brings back the vintage revival era. This vintage Lightroom preset works great on wedding photos or simple portraits.

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Color Pop is a free Lightroom preset that you can use to make colors pop in your photos. If the colors in your photo are dull or it needs some extra life, then this preset is your requirement. To enhance your baby and family photos and make them look clean, light and soft, check out these free Lightroom presets for infant photography and family photos:. Color Print Film Emulation is a set of 18 presets in two volumes of 9 each. It converts the photos into different color emulations that look stunning. Silky Smooth Skin was built for the portraits of babies specially.

It adds soft smooth skin to the photos of your baby and make the picture stunning while reducing shadow to make the image more softer.

230+ Free Lightroom Presets You Will Love

MCP Mini Enlighten has 15 photographer-recommended Lightroom presets and custom presets for a wide variety of shooting situations. These presets can be used separately or stacked together for an amazing variety of looks. Desaturate Me brings the creative dramatic effects to your photos. It is a Lightroom preset that adds the touch of hours of professional editing of portraits in seconds.

You should use it to add spotlight to a particular area and everything will be in your control with the multiple presets. Newborn Baby is a free Lightroom preset that will not only increase the dynamic range of your photos, but will still leave you with a soft, subtle, natural and realistic look. Sun Flare is an amazing free Lightroom preset that warms your photo dramatically. This preset adds a pop of sunlight effect to your photos, so they really standout.

Silver Lining is a free Lightroom preset that adds the effects of silver lining to your photos.

Free Lightroom Presets | Download Lightroom Presets for Free

Rockwell Warm is a free Lightroom preset that changes your photos into an edgy urban surreal look. This preset has the effects that will modernize your image so it looks amazing. Sometimes you may want to change out the background of your headshots. In that case, check out our tutorial on how to change a background in Photoshop. But for a quick effect that will make your headshots look stunning, you should edit them in Lightroom and use one of these amazing free presets for headshots:.

Milky Noir is a free preset to make your images brighter and its shadows a little more washed out. This preset is perfect to add curve and exposure to your photos.

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Bad Ass Film Look preset makes your portrait looks like a professional film shoot photo with a little grungy feel added to it. It is easy to download and install in your Lightroom. You can give your photos the feel of a professional bad ass movie shoot. CatchingSand Black and White Pack 1 comes with three amazing color shades. You can use this pack of 3 Lightroom presets to change your photos into a great black and white texture. The magnificent professional black and whites it produces would normally take hours of fiddling with Lightroom to otherwise achieve.

Hollywood is a set of 2 free Lightroom preset that adds a filmy look to your photographs. Its effects are amazing to change a picture from simple to a glamorous Hollywood feel. Fashion Shot is a collection of 3 pairs of Lightroom presets that work amazingly like the curve feature of Photoshop. These presets bring a professional fashion shoot vibe to your photos.

Strong HDR is a Lightroom preset that takes your photos to another level. It will give your photos a strong HDR-like effect in one-click. Summer Love is a free Lightroom preset to add bright warm summer effects to your photos. This preset is perfect for your pictures that are captured in sunlight.

Whitman Cinematic Warm is a free Lightroom preset that changes your normal photos to a perfect cinematic look. It warms the background so the picture looks dramatic and amazing. Cinema Inspired is a free Lightroom preset that will make your photos look like cinematic stills. You should use this preset for that picture perfect movie look in your photos. Light Leak is a free Lightroom preset that makes it easy to change your photos into a nice light leak effect. This preset works well in combination with vintage effects. Orange Fade is a free Lightroom preset that adds a nice orange faded effect to your photos.

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This preset is a great fit for most outdoor photos with a wide variety of color effects. Yeah — High Contrast is a free Lightroom preset that adds high notes of red to your photos. This preset increases the contrast of the image specifically for the red parts making the picture pop. Works best on slightly under exposed images. Asakusa is a free Lightroom preset that is perfect for very sharp photos adding low saturation and split toning. This preset adds cold and soft colors to pop out the image.

How to Download Lightroom Presets?

Similar to an Instagram filer but a more polished look. Sharp Washed is a Lightroom preset that is built for images with sharp details and a washed fashion style with a tendency in the green. Hollywood Orange and Teal is a free Lightroom preset that changes the colors into a high saturated Orange and Teal cyan. This preset has the effects of high contrast and a little bit of vignetting. Goldy Browny Effect is a Lightroom preset that adds that oldie gold feel to your photos. It also adds a touch of green and brown to the gold which mixes the colors well.

Street Photography is a pack of 15 free Lightroom presets to enhance the photos captured on the street. You should use this preset to add the perfect effects in your street photographs giving them professional pop. Grungy Urban Portraits is a set of Lightroom presets that are particularly well suited for creating edgy portraits and images of urban environments. You should use these presets as the starting point for processing your urban portraits and street photography. A Good One for Everything is a simple free Lightroom preset that desaturates your photos and provides a little bit more contrast.

This preset has effects that make the lights a warmer tone and the darker parts into a cooler blue touch. To make your senior portraits look soft, glowing and youthful, check out these one-click free Lightroom presets for senior portraits:. ON1 Signature Collection Vol.

It has the effects of the modern filters of Instagram, cross processed effects, and more. This preset adds the effects of light and desaturates your images to take them to the next level.

Faded Lead is a free Lightroom preset that changes your photos into a beautiful faded look. This preset has effects that are perfect for images to give them that faded vintage look. Shadow Crusher is a free Lightroom preset that saturates the shadow in your pictures so they look sharp. This preset adds a bright transformation to the dull part of your photos. Cross Processed is a typical Lightroom preset to changes the looks of your photos into cross processed. It works on any format of image in Lightroom. Organic Cross Processing is a set of 5 free Lightroom presets to download for a perfect look in your photos.

These presets are fully adjustable to fine tune the cross processing in images. Soft Golden Vintage is one of the best free lightroom presets for senior portraits. It adds a soft glow to your ordinary photo for amazing results. Green Filter For Portraits is the best Lightroom preset for your photos.

You can add a soft green haze effect to your images using this free preset in one click. Autumn Inspired is a free Lightroom preset that changes the look of your photos into an autumn-inspired sepia tone effect. Spring Color is an amazing Lightroom preset that saturates the colors in your photos to enlighten them for a perfect look.

You should use this preset to add beautiful effects in your images. To make your landscapes look grand and breathtaking, check out these free Lightroom presets for landscape photography:.